Life Path

Life Path

My path was littered with all kinds of leaves in various stages of life and death. “Nothing lives forever except love,” my mother’s words echoed in my ears. I began my hunt for the colors of life.

Green grows early and strong – ever hopeful! It is work and responsibility. It is alive and beautiful and energetic. Green stays. Green is unaware of what is to come.

Green yields to yellow as the months give way to the year. Yellow is mellow. It has learned and is wise. Yellow is giving and warm and smart. Yellow is getting tired.

Orange is different. It is showy and signals the unexpected. Orange flies in the face of conventionality. It brings the surprises in life.

Red! Ah, red. Red is the FIRE in life. It is exciting and thrilling. It begs for attention. Reds bring passion to life. What are my reds?

Brown. Death brown. Loosed from home, its heart falls gently toward Mama Earth while carrying with it what was.

©Lori Ziegelmeyer

#fall #lifepath #fallcolors


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