That’s Smoking


Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire

There’s this smell when you first light up
a cigarette,
especially with a match.

I quit smoking almost 12 years ago
after sucking on them for 28 years.
I have the very occasional cigar
when I feel like it.
(Because I don’t inhale).

When I get lonely
or sad
or melancholy,
I remember that smell
and I wish I’d never quit.

I can go into a smoky bar
or walk by someone outside a restaurant
toking on the beautiful, white stick
and I inhale deeply,
but I don’t (necessarily) want to re-visit it.

But I do remember it.
It’s like an past lover or
an old friend
just waiting in the periphery
for me to shake
its hand once more.

©Lori Ziegelmeyer


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