Numbing Ourselves

Lori Numb

Is it just human to want to numb ourselves? The world seems so off-balance and many of us run to outside sources for instant relief instead of going within. Aren’t there some days when we just want that artificial balm instead of doing the work?: that glass (or bottle) of wine, that pound of chocolate, that pain killer. We know it all starts and ends with our perceptions, but sometimes the world’s news can just be so overwhelming. Even the strongest among us can revert, just to make it quit hurting for a while.

Liquor, illegal drugs, too much sex, self-harm, overeating, saying hateful things to each other, finding fault with everything, fighting. We wake up the next day feeling awful and vow not to do it again. Two days later, we find ourselves repeating the very thing we said we wouldn’t do anymore.

Being a feeling, sensitive human requires infinitely more. Brew a mug of tea. Stay off the internet. Go make some art or read a really good book. Rekindle friendships in person. Go make beautiful love with your Love. Go help someone less fortunate than yourself. Find something that makes you feel good that isn’t harmful to your psyche, your body or your future.

Some days are so much harder than others. We have to remember that we’re not alone.


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