Our Evening with Mary Karr

She is my favorite author and one of my very favorite people! It was great to see her at Book People. Thanks for bringing her here so we could enjoy her spirit in person. Great blog.


This post comes from our bookseller Mona. You’ll find a reading list from Mary Karr at the bottom. 

Over the last few years, I have been to a number of events at BookPeople, where I come to grow in my journey as a reader and a writer. Now, as I bookseller, I am thrilled to be even more a part of this community, and a part of the discussions brought to us by acclaimed authors.

I was delighted last week to see Mary Karr, who came to talk about her latest book, The Art of Memoir.

It was a packed floor of about 300 people, many of whom have a deep affection for her bestselling and critically acclaimed memoirs (such as The Liars Club, Cherry, and Lit). I also found many writers in the audience, who, like me, aspire to write a memoir one day.

I imagine…

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